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Stockton University Campus Center


Ticketing Services Terms & Conditions


Updated 9/4/2021

Stockton University-recognized student clubs and organizations are encouraged to use Center Ticketing Services for their event ticketing needs. Administrative offices may also use Campus Center Ticketing Services for events that are intended for students and held in venues other than the Stockton Performing Arts Center.

Sponsor/Student Organization Responsibilities:

  • The Ticket Services Agreement must be completed at least two weeks in advance of the desired sales start date. Agreements submitted less than two weeks in advance may not be honored.
  • If requesting batch tickets, 50% of the total number of tickets available for the event MUST be sold through Campus Center Ticketing Services. For example, if you are requesting 50 batch tickets upfront for your group to sell, the total number of tickets available for the event must be no less than 100 tickets.
  • All requests for multiple ticket categories (advanced sale, complimentary, etc.) must be made upon submission of the Ticket Services Agreement.
  • If tickets are available only for a pre-determined guest list, a roster or guest list must be provided upon submission of the Ticket Services Agreement.
  • No Ticket Services Agreement will be considered processed until all necessary approvals are obtained.
  • Please do not advertise ticket sale information until you are contacted by the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations with approved sale information.

Event Services & Campus Center Operations Responsibilities:

  • Campus Center Ticketing Services will contact the sponsor to confirm that the Ticket Services Agreement has been processed and to communicate any changes made to the agreement by the approving parties.
  • Tickets will be available for purchase at the Campus Center Information Desk during the time period outlined in the confirmation e-mail provided by the Office of Event Services & Campus Center Operations. Extended sales will not be available.
  • Campus Center staff will verify sales and calculate revenue collected. All revenue collected will be transferred to the organization’s account by internal transfer. No revenue will change hands between Campus Center Ticketing Services and the client.
  • If deemed necessary, the Office of Event Services & Campus Center Operations reserves the right to reject requests for ticket sales or stop selling tickets for a particular event.