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Ticket Services Agreement

The Office of Event Services & Campus Center Operations provides a centralized student event ticketing service for use by student organizations and administrative offices affiliated with Stockton University. Ticketing services are handled thru the Information & Operations Desk located on the main level in the Grand Hall of the Campus Center.

Ticketing services are available Monday thru Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. thru 11:30 p.m. These times may be altered during holidays and official university breaks.

Cash, Credit/Debit, and Osprey Cash are accepted for transactions at the Information & Operations Desk, currently checks may not be used to purchase tickets. Tickets must be purchased in person and are not available for internet or phone orders.

To view a listing of events currently on sale through our service please click on the image below

If you are a student organization or administrative office and would like to utilize the campus center for your event ticket sales, please click on the following link to an electronic application.

Ticket Services Application

Updated 6.12.18

Stockton University recognized student organizations are encouraged to sell tickets through Campus Center Ticketing Services located at the Campus Center Information & Operations Desk. Administrative offices may also sell tickets which are intended for students and held in venues other then the Performing Arts Center.

Sponsor/Student Organization Responsibilities:

A Ticket Sales Agreement must be filled out and submitted to the Office of Event Services & Campus Center Operations at least two weeks in advance of the sales start date. Contracts submitted less than two weeks in advance may not be able to be honored.

If requesting batch tickets, 50% of the total amount of tickets MUST be sold through the Campus Center Ticketing Services (i.e. if you are requesting 50 tickets in hand for your group to sell, your total tickets must be no less than 100 tickets). If these numbers are less, your request will be denied.

All requests for multiple ticket categories and/or advance / complimentary tickets must be made at time of agreement signing.

No Ticket Sales agreement will be considered approved until all necessary approvals are obtained. Please do not advertise that tickets will be on sale until you are contacted by the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations.

Event Services & Campus Center Operations Responsibilities:

Campus Center Ticketing Services will contact the sponsor to confirm their requests for tickets.

Tickets will go on sale at the Information & Operations Desk on the start date and be removed on the stop date as outlined on this agreement.

Campus Center Ticketing Services will verify sales and calculate the proceeds from the event. All proceeds will be transferred to the organization’s account by internal transfer. No revenue will change hands between Campus Center Ticketing Services and the client.

The Office for Event Services & Campus Center Operations will be responsible for the accuracy of cash sales only, any check’s collected (if permitted) that are determined to have insufficient funds will be deducted from the revenue total prior to transferring revenue to sponsor.

Campus Center staff will check for student /staff ID prior to sale of tickets unless otherwise instructed on the contract. If sales are based off of an organization roster, or guest list, that list should be provided at time of agreement submission.

A majority of off campus travel requires liability waivers; Campus Center staff will obtain signed waivers from attendees who purchase these types of tickets.

If deemed necessary The Office of Event Services & Campus Center Operations reserves the right to reject requests for ticket sales or stop selling tickets for a particular event.

As of January 1st 2012, this is a free service available to all student organizations and administrative offices. All costs and fees associated with the printing and issuing of tickets will be absorbed by the Office of Event Services and Campus Center Operations.

As of January 1st 2013, customers are able to utilize their unrestricted funds of their Osprey Card for transactions. Sponsoring organizations must be aware that access to revenue from Osprey card transactions will be delayed up until the 11th day following the last day of the month in which your event occurred. If access to revenue must occur in a timelier manner, it is suggested that the sponsoring organization does not offer customers this payment option.

As of June 1st 2018, customers are able to utilize major credit cards and debit cards for transactions. A $1.00 per transaction surcharge will be applied to all credit/debit card purchases.